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Everyone's got a story to tell, you can tell yours too with Mera Kaam!


Present yourself as a series of important milestones


Collect the web (YouTube,Wikipedia,Twitter and more) in your story

 Hero time!

Add people you may know and cast them in your story. Give them the credit they deserve.


Grow your professional community by connecting with people like you


Exchange ideas with your colleages

Your Resume "Story" please

Mera Kaam takes resume writing to a new level by allowing you to showcase yourself as a story rather than some black and white text!!!

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Why? Mera Kaam

Mera Kaam is social networking website that focuses on capturing your life as a set of milestones where each milestone is shown with the appropriate media. A media is a resource on the web. (YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter, Soundcloud and so on). One example of a milestone is that when we complete our school. We might want to show the website of the school or a location on the map. But wait! this is not it, you might want to showcase your teachers in your story. Mera Kaam helps you with this by casting people you know in your milestone thus giving them the credit they deserve. The story is presented in easy to read book view.

A picture is worth a thousand words

1918 newspaper advertisement for San Antonio Light
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